Take the BIK HUB challenge at HackYeah!

Selecting our challenge at this year's HackYeah! Hackathon each programmer has an opportunity to explore the BIK Open API platform and dig within our technological sandbox.


About: Using the data available in BIK Open API for the city of Łódź, create a solution (working prototype, mockup or scoring definition), thanks to which it will be possible to verify (or, for example, compare with another location) the potential of the location to live, as a future resident or locate a company - as an owner, shop, parcel pickup point…. Or maybe You have a better idea what to score with the data that we provide?

Missing a dimension? Feel free to suggest what data and how can be added from publicly available sources - add them to our catalogue to improve your solution.

Best ideas will be awarded – the prize pool is 30 000 zl

More details: link