HACKYEAH! - tip for hackaton user how to get access to the BIK Open API Platform?

Accesss to the BIK Open API Platform in form of API methods is available at https://gateway.oapi.bik.pl Each method has been grouped by category (tags).
To get the interesting data:
1.    Apply to the BIK HUB mentor, providing your email address and phone number
2.    Certificate access to be downloaded based on the link from the e-mail
3.    Password to the certificate you get via Discord (will be provided by the BIK HUB mentor after the access is ready)
4.    Services will be available at https://gateway.oapi.bik.pl
5.    The developer portal will be available at https://oapi.bik.pl
6.    Accesss to the BIK Open API Platform via login and password (via Discord)

After the certificate is installed, you can log in to developer portal https://oapi.bik.pl and start testing the services as well as reading the documentation. There you will find both a business and technical description, including the access to download service documentation in: WADL, OpenAPI 2 and 3 (in Yaml and JSON).