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Get to know your client - a service supporting the credibility of Ukrainian citizens

Thanks to the development of technology and the growing range of available IT solutions, customer verification, especially in the banking sector, is performed methodically.
BIK has good practices in this regard both on the domestic and foreign market. In Poland, BIK acts as an interbank system for the exchange of information about borrowers - individual clients and entrepreneurs, while ensuring the safety of banks and their clients. At the same time, for several years, BIK has been developing the mechanism of international data exchange through cross-border cooperation with counterpart foreign credit reference agencies, for example including the German SCHUFA Holding AG.

dr Mariusz Cholewa

Mariusz Cholewa Ph.D.

President of the BIK Management Board

The service provided by BIK as a result of the exchange of cross-border information with foreign credit reference agencies has so far helped Poles working and living abroad in obtaining loans from British, Italian or German banks. As a result, a Pole applying for a loan abroad could show his positive credit history, built on the domestic market. Cross-border cooperation with three Ukrainian offices: starting with Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories (UBCH) and then following with International Bureau of Credit Histories (IBCH) and The First Credit Bureau of Ukraine (FCBU), is aimed primarily at supporting Ukrainians working and living in Poland.

BIK has taken the initiative to urgently implement the service that certifies identity data, which we launch as of today - June the 1stand the online version of credit reports will be available in coming weeks. Thanks to UA Access service citizens will gain a "pass" of trust with future employers, banks and institutions. Time is needed to gain trust, and we at BIK want to shorten this time as much as possible so that Ukrainian families, faced with so many needs, can arrange their lives in a new place as soon as possible. Our UA Access service is also a great convenience for banks and financial institutions in Poland, so that they can employ safely and provide financing responsibly. In coming weeks we will also include other institutions and companies, providing them with additional reports.

Support for the BIK Group in confirming the identity data of refugees from Ukraine (UA Access)

Since February 24th this year, in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 1.72 million people have left to defend their country. And since the beginning of the war, 3.726 million people have come to Poland to flee from the war, the Border Guard announced on Monday, May 30th this year.

The citizens of Ukraine, who have supported the Polish economy for years as a result of economic migration, today need support of a different nature. They are now looking for a safe shelter in Poland, and in the perspective of a longer stay, they will need employment, especially since 1/3 of refugees from Ukraine declare their plans to stay here for a longer period of time.*

A job guarantee and independence will ensure a sense of stability and security. Therefore, the key is to create services that will facilitate this process.

The purpose of the UA Access BIK service is to support Ukrainian citizens in building trust with a future employer, bank or financial institution.

BIK has well-established competences in the field of cross-border information exchange. Now it implements a solution of even greater importance at the international level, also as an active member of ACCIS, an association representing the European credit information industry.

Thanks to the cooperation with Ukrainian offices, counterparts of BIK, the service will include access to information on 25 million Ukrainian borrowers, from 71 banks and more than 150 financial institutions in Ukraine.

It is a service that will help in verifying the identity of a Ukrainian citizens in order to authenticate themselves in the recruitment process with a future employer. Such information will be important both in Poland and abroad. Therefore, internationally, the UA Access initiative is supported by the World Bank (IFC) taking an active part in the preparation and communication of the project.

Enrique Velázquez

Director General of ACCIS

"ACCIS is playing a very important and active role in facilitating cross-border credit reporting in Europe. We have developed standard templates and ad hoc data dictionaries to help improve cross-border credit reporting among our members. The UA Access service based on cross-border data exchange between Ukrainian credit bureaus and BIK underlines the role of ACCIS as a facilitator of these transactions. We are particularly pleased that this solution is timely addressing the needs of citizens of Ukraine at this difficult juncture"

Fabrizio Fraboni

Principal Financial Sector Specialist, Credit Reporting & Risk management, IFC, World Bank Group

"I am happy and proud to say that we at IFC together with our partners – BIK and ACCIS are developing suitable model of financial solutions to support one of the largest and fastest growing refugee crises in recent history. The cross-border data exchange between Ukrainian credit bureaus and BIK helps Ukrainian refugees to access finance from initial arrival to subsequent relocation and longer establishment. The ultimate goal of the initiative would be to create basis for a common credit information sharing area across the Eastern European region. On a larger scale the World Bank Group has already mobilized more than US$925 million for Ukraine, including fast-disbursing budget support to help the Ukrainian government provide critical services to Ukrainian people, of which US$350 million has been disbursed"

The scheme of confirming the identity data of refugees

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* Source: The special report "Refugees from Ukraine in Poland", which was created after analyzing the results of a sociological study conducted on March 23 - April 3, 2022 by the EWL Migration Platform and the Study of Eastern Europe at the University of Warsaw. 400 Ukrainian citizens who came to Poland after February 24, 2022 were surveyed.

** UBCH - first to PrivatBank, about 25 million customers in the newest (which is about 74% of people over 18 in Ukraine). Two more Bureaux will soon join: the International Bureau of Credit History (IBCH) and the First Credit Bureau of Ukraine (FCBU). Ultimately, 71 banks and over 150 financial services were set up in Ukraine.


Solution developed in Microservice Architecture with a shared GUI (WWW) and an automated interface (REST API). The user interface is based on a shared API and developed in Angular. The API is managed under Azure API Management and Docker. The services are developed according to the Open API 3 specification.

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